USR asks for the declassification of the report presented by the Interior Minister on the August 10 rally, threatens with court


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Save Romania Union (USR) has called on Interior Minister Carmen Dan to answer several questions about the Diaspora rally on August 10, also urging her to declassify the report about the violent interventions presented on Sunday. USR says that if the minister does not disclose the report, it will challenge he denial in court.

„Carmen Dan has fled the press conference yesterday to avoid answering the journalists’ questions. She will be compelled to answer tomorrow before the Defence Committee in Parliament. 1. Why did she interrupt her vacation and was a the MAI headquarters on the night of August 10 if she didn’t influence the Gendarmerie’s intervention in any way? 2. The Gendarmerie’s territorial units are deployed on the Interior Minister’s order. She gave the order to the units from Dolj, Prahova and other two counties to come to Bucharest. If she did, why? 3. Did she have phone talks or messages in any way with Cazan, Sindile, Parachiv on the night of August 10? If yes, what is their content? 4. Did an operative committee convene for the August 10 protest? Are there any official documents to record what it has been talked/decided? 5. Who decided the classification as professional secrecy of the report and why if the information from the intelligence services represents just generalities?,” the USR representatives posted on Facebook.

USR is asking Carmen Dan to urgently declassify the report, otherwise it will challenge the minister’s denial in court.

Interior minister Carmen Dan has announced on Sunday that 21 criminal cases have been opened following violence actions during the Diaspora meeting on August 10, with three files having unidentified authors. The minister added that an internal investigation has been opened within the ministry, which revealed five cases of abuses of the gendarmes against people who had committed no violence. At the same time, the minister pointed out that information received from the intelligence services before August 10 had not pointed to a crisis situation.

USR chairman Dan Barna has asked the Interior minister’s resignation, for trying to “cover up” the violent events of August 10 by presenting “a pseudo report”. Barna accused Carmen Dan she is “a pathetic propaganda person” of Liviu Dragnea.

It is not possible to cast the blame for what had happened with the peaceful protesters, to accuse the victims of the repression,” he argued.

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