USR asks President Iohannis to attend all Gov’t sittings in December to prevent GEO on amnesty and pardon


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USR has asked President Klaus Iohannis on Monday to attend all government sittings this month to prevent the rulers from adopting an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon.

The head of state has attended a government sitting in January 2017, thus preventing the Executive led by Sorin Grindeanu back then from adopting a GEO that was supposed to decriminalise some corruption offenses. Yet, the famous GEO 13 has been eventually adopted by the government some other day, at night, prompting protesters to say that rulers had adopted the ordinance „at night like thieves”.

Even if Mrs. Dancila has stated that her Cabinet had no such ordinance on its agenda, she is contradicted by other PSD leaders who say that an ordinance is a topical issue. USR will do its best if this ordinance is adopted, but until then each responsible force needs to try blocking such an action, which would mean the end of democracy in our view. We ask Romania’s President to use all his legal powers to the full and to take part in every Government sitting all through December,” reads a USR press release.

USR also says that „instead of taking care of amnesty and pardon for Liviu Dragnea and other offenders, the Government should focus on preparing the EU Council Presidency, so that Romania should not embarrass itself”.

One month before Romania takes over the Presidency of the EU Council, the government sittings should tackle foreign affairs topics and the President should be present. USR considers that after Romania takes over the EU Presidency and Romania will be in Europe’s spotlight, it will be more difficult for Liviu Dragnea to force the Government to adopt such an ordinance to save offenders”, the USR press release further reads.

Four days ago, PSD Secretary General Codrin Ştefănescu said the party will go on and will eventually deal with amnesty and pardon.

Digi 24 TV private broadcaster reported that PSD is ready to issue an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon, the decision is to be mad on the opportune moment. The sources say January 2019 could be the right time.

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