USR leader makes controversial statement on Jesus’ birth


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Iulian Bulai

USR deputy Iulian Bulai has posted a controversial message on Facebook on Christmas day. He said, among others, that Jesus comes from “a very strange family”, has “a surrogate mother and a father who accepted paternity without having contributed to it”.

Bulai’s post, which has stirred strong reactions on Facebook, has in fact talked about those over 50,000 children under the state’s care, with more than 3,000 annually given to adoption.

“A child. Poor and coming from a very strange family. A middle-aged father and an adolescent mother. Born into the world without his parents having made love. With a surrogate mother and a father who accepts paternity without having contributed to it. Refused by the community. Born without his parents having being married, but just engaged. His birth shows the extraordinary, but also the limits of the society where he was born into”, the MP starts his post.

In this context, Bulai shows that every year, 2,000 children are declared hardly adoptable in Romania, while over 1,000 have been trafficked to UK till 2007.

These happened 2,000 years ago. His fate is shared by many children in Romania, who hadn’t such loving parents. We have over 50,000 children under the state’s care. Over 3,000 children annually given to adoption. More then one third of those 3,000 cannot find a family. Around 2,000 Romanian children are declared hardly adoptable in Romania on an annual basis. Over 1,000 have been trafficked only to UK until 2007. Recently, the Romanian judiciary has found nobody guilty in a case where some tens/hundreds of children would have been involved in trafficking almost 200 children in Tandarei. This is the most recently publicized case of human trafficking in Romania, but not the only one by any means”, the USR lawmaker stated, adding that these statistics show that many communities in Romania have failed, like the one in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, due to the lack of people’s involvement.

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  1. Bryan L Davidson says

    Joseph was most like 17 or 18. Iulian Bulai’s history may need a little brushing up but his heart for helping children is correct and the direction the god of the Bible would want our hearts to go.

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