USR ministers rejected by the parliamentary committees. Drula, the only one who got a favorable opinion


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The ministers proposed by the appointed prime minister Dacian Cioloş were heard on Tuesday in the specialized parliamentary commissions and they were all rejected, except for Catalin Drula, who, due to a loophole, managed to secure a favorable opinion.

The opinion of the committees is consultative, and the vote on the list of ministers and the governing program will take place on Wednesday.

Cristian Ghinea, the proposal for the Ministry of European Investments and Projects received a negative opinion. There were 7 votes “for”, 13 votes “against” and 8 abstentions. Also, Cristina Prună, the proposal for the Ministry of Energy, was rejected by the parliamentarians from the commission. There were 14 votes in favor, 27 against and 12 abstentions.

Alin Stoica, the former prefect of the Capital, proposed for the Ministry of Interior in the Cioloș Government, was also rejected at the vote of the commissions. There were 19 votes “for” a negative opinion, 13 abstentions and 5 votes “against”.

Cătălin Drulă, the proposal for the Ministry of Transport, received 8 votes as favorable opinion, 7 abstentions and 12 for the negative opinion. “The opinion is positive if the proposal for a negative opinion fell to the vote“, Cătălin Drulă explained after the hearings. As the proposal for a negative opinion was not voted on by a majority of the members of the committee, the chairman of the Commission considered the opinion to be positive.

The former deputy PM Dan Barna, nominated to take over the Foreign Affairs portfolio, also got a negative opinion, with 11 votes in favor, 20 against and four abstentions.

Monica Berescu, the USR proposal for the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization received a negative opinion in the specialized commissions as well. There were 17 votes “for”, 17 “against” and 8 abstentions. Nicu Fălcoi, the proposal for the Ministry of Defense, also received a negative opinion.The Minister proposed for the Culture portfolio, Iulia Popovici, received a negative opinion from the committees of the Parliament. There were four votes “for”, nine “against” and seven abstentions. Also, the proposal for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Tudor Pop, received a negative opinion. There were nine votes in favor, 12 against and four abstentions.

In retort, USR complained that a new USL (PSD-PNL) majority has taken shape” in Parliament, as the PSD and PNL lawmakers were ‘hand in hand’ in rejected the candidates for the minister positions proposed in the Ciolos Cabinet. Yet, USR said it “would go all the way with these nominations for a government is needed as soon as possible”.

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