USR, PLUS agree on electoral alliance. Dacian Cioloș to open the USR-PLUS list for the EP elections

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USR and PLUS (the party recently set up by former PM Dacian Ciolos) have decided to run together for the EP elections due this May.

USR and PLUS  have decided on Saturday to set up the alliance <2020 USR PLUS> to run together for the upcoming elections for the European Parliament due on May 26, 2019. Dacian Ciolos will open up the list, he is the first on PLUS list and will also open the common list. It is a list where we have competence and political expertise on both sides,” said USR chairman, Dan Barna.

He pointed out that, according to the IMAS opinion polls, the two parties stand somewhere at 20 per cent, not to mention the snowball effect that such an alliance is usually prompting.

In his turn, Dacian Cioloș has stated in his turn that the fact he’s opening the list has been the USR request and he doesn’t hold much with it. „I am willing to be out of the list of needed,” he said amid rumours that the decision to rank him first has stirred discontent among the USR members.

Today, we can say that the main modern opposition force in Romania is being born, which can take over ruling and provide a project for our country. We’ll rebuild Romania in the coming ten years and we’ll bring it where it belongs,” Ciolos also stated.

The common USR-PLUS list for the European Parliament contains such names as Cristian Ghinea (USR), Dragoş Pâslaru (PLUS) and Clotilde Armand (USR) on the first positions.

The two parties might shake hands also for the presidential elections this year and for the parliamentary elections in 2020.

Former PM Ciolos seems to also be favorite of the new alliance for the presidential candidature. Again, he hasn’t confirmed a candidature, but has not ruled it out either.

Anything is possible, we haven’t discussed on this topic. But, yes, the idea is to propose more than an electoral alliance,” Ciolos said. „What this alliance does is to open the real opportunity for a real alternative for Romania in 2020”, Dan Barna added.

As for the discontent within USR regarding Ciolos’ candidature, USR deputy Stelian Ion says it is fake news, for nothing is written in stone yet.

„Fake news. Nothings has been decided yet, negotiations are still ongoing. The topic of Dacian Ciolos opening the list is no scandal in USR,” he posted on Facebook.

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