USR PLUS: If censure motion rejected by CCR, we’ll file a new one next to AUR


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USR-PLUS will submit a new motion of censure with AUR, if the Constitutional Court decides on Tuesday that the procedure for submitting the motion that is already in Parliament is unconstitutional, USR-PLUS spokesman Ionuţ Moşteanu said on Monday.

Asked what USR-PLUS will do if CCR decides that the procedure for submitting the motion of censure was unconstitutional, Moşteanu said: “We will immediately submit another one.” He added that this new motion will be submitted together with the MPs from AUR.

“We have a motion, from our point of view it is a valid motion. We will wait for the CCR decision, we will have a discussion in the parliamentary group and in the National Bureau, but we will go in the same direction, in taking Florin Citu down from the PM seat, as at this moment every lost day is a lost day.  Romania must be governed, a complicated winter is coming, with increases in energy prices and if we have a very hard winter, it will be terrible for many Romanians. We need a government with a solid support and this support must be clarified as soon as possible “, Moşteanu said.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Florin Cîţu claimed that if the Constitutional Court gives a solution on Tuesday to admit a legal conflict between the Government and the Parliament on the motion of censure filed by USR-PLUS and AUR, then the speakers  of the Chamber and Senate must resign because they endorsed a flawed procedure by which they wanted to overthrow the Executive.

At the same time, PM Cîţu declared himself “willing” to talk to USR-PLUS whenever they want, saying that he trusts that “reason will win in this party” and that USR PLUS will delimit itself from PSD and AUR.

“USR prefers to sit next to PSD and AUR, if they do not want to talk to PNL. We always talk to them if they are willing to talk to PNL. We are moving forward with the government program, we have the same projects, nothing is changing. My resignation means a change in the governing program. If the Government fails, there will be a new government program. Who wants a political crisis on negotiations, when we sign the National Recovery and Resilience Plan today, shall we resume negotiations? I am confident that the reason will win in USR  PLUS and it will delimit itself  from PSD and AUR “, Florin Cîţu declared on Monday.

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