USR PLUS ministers’ resignations sent to Cotroceni, Parliament plenary session convened for censure motion, Gov’t refers it to CCR


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After the meeting between President Iohannis and the USR PLUS co-chair Dan Barna failed to reach any result in the coalition crisis, both camps made some major moves. While Citu’s foe in the National Party, Ludovic Orban, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate Speaker Anca Dragu (USR PLUS) summoned the plenary session on the the censure motion filed by USR PLUS, PM Florin Citu accepted the resignations of the USR PLUS ministers from his Cabinet and sent them to Cotroceni Presidential Palace, with the Government also notifying the Constitutional Court over the motion of censure.

President Iohannis has signed the decrees taking  note of the resignations of those six USR PLUS ministers, as well as the decrees on appointing interim ministers.

The Chamber and Senate speakers, Ludovic Orban and Anca Dragu summoned the plenary session of the Parliament to present the censure motion against Citu Cabinet for Thursday, at 16:00hrs. The Parliament speakers rely on four Constitutional Court’s decisions to send the motion in parliament to be debated and voted.

Invoking a CCR ruling from 2010 on the legal constitutional conflict between the Government and the Parliament and other CCR rulings, the speakers of the two chambers of the Parliament argued that “in this way, the parliamentary opposition cannot express itself and the parliament control lacks efficiency. So, no legal instrument stipulated by the Constitution cannot lack efficiency, and being deprived of content makes it illusory and the rule of law is violated”.

On the other side, PM Florin Citu said he had sent the resignations of the USR PLUS ministers to the Presidency today, together with the proposals of whom is replacing them.

Citu has also convened a meeting of the PNL National Bureau to vote the resolution that all Liberal MPs endorse the Government’s actions and “not to take any step against their own Cabinet regardless of their position”. Practically, it is a warning for all Liberals to not vote the censure motion.

Moreover, the prime minister underlined that PNL will not form any government with PSD. “PNL will not make Government with PSD (Social Democratic Party), let this be clear for everyone,” Citu said.

At the same time, the Government is notifying the Constitutional Court over a legal conflict between Gov’ and Parliament and the raising of signatures for the censure motion. “There are suspicions over how these signatures have been given twice“, the premier added.
Liberal deputy Florin Roman slammed the party chairman Ludovic Orban for positioning himself against PNL and for convening the sitting for the censure motion. Roman said that the purpose of this action is to topple the Government down, considering that PM Citu is Orban’s rival in the party’s internal elections for the PNL top leadership position.

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