USR-PLUS proposes pact to set off snap elections

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USR-PLUS Alliance has proposed a political and parliamentary agreement to organise snap elections at the same time with the local ballot in June 2020. The alliance wants the pact to be signed but all parties, except for PSD and by President Klaus Iohannis.

“We, Romania’s President, PNL, USR PLUS Alliance, ALDE, UDMR, PMP, Pro Romania and the national minorities group, are engaging, by signing this pact, to trigger early elections in June 2020 at the latest, at the same time with the local elections.

Those 261 senators and deputies of our parties, which represent the majority in Parliament, undertake to follow all steps required by this pact, under the constitutional terms, with the aim of organising early elections at the same time with the local elections, on the basis of representing the interests of the citizens who cast their votes on May 26 against the ruling party“, reads the protocol.

USR PLUS argue that holding snap elections is mandatory “to take Romania out of the political and moral crisis”, for Dancila Government has no more majority in Parliament and refuses to step down.

We, the signatories of this pact ,engage to sign and vote the censure motion to strip the Government of confidence and to sack it in compliance with Article 113 in the Romanian Constitution”.

According to the pact, PSD has caused three major government crises due to the internal fights, which ended up in changing two prime ministers and replacing 80 ministers, and which led to “an unprecedented crisis in the central administration”.

“Romania has become the most vulnerable economy in the EU after three years of PSD ruling, facing economic crisis. Dancila Government and PSD continue the attempts to subordinate the judiciary system and refuse to repeal the law on compensatory appeal that is jeopardizing the safety and life of the Romanian citizens”, the document reads.

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