USR, PLUS seal political alliance, kick off campaign to collect signatures. Dan Barna: I’ll be a full-time President

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USR and PLUS have agreed on the political alliance protocol following several days of delays. The leaders of the two parties have voted to set up „USR PLUS Alliance” and agreed the campaign to collect signatures for Dan Barna’s candidature to Presidency to start today, August 7.

The launch of the signature-raising campaign for Dan Barna‘s presidential candidacy that should have taken place the past Saturday, but it has been delayed over alleged tensions between the two parties in the Alliance 2020, USR and PLUS.

According to a press release, the document sealing the establishment of the USR PLUS Alliance will be signed in a few days. However, considering that the registration of a political alliance needs to go through a long judiciary procedure, this alliance will be dubbed by an electoral alliance to endorse Dan Barna in the presidential election due on November 10 this year.

The signature fundraising campaign is kicking off today in the area of the fountain in Universitate Square.

The new alliance’s targets

  • winning the presidential election in 2019;
  • winning as many seats as possible in the local elections due in 2020, and winning the most MPs seats in the Romanian Parliament in the general elections in 2020 so that the USR PLUS Alliance should form the ruling coalition and designate a prime minister;
  • staying in power during 2020-2024 and enforcing the ruling programme of the Alliance;
  • winning parliamentary elections in 2020 and continuing governance until 2028.

Dan Barna attacks president Iohannis, says he will a different kind of President

USR chairman Dan Barna, who has been designated as the USR PLUS Alliance’s candidate for Presidency, has announced they aim at collecting 300,000 signatures for his presidential campaign. Asked what kind of president he will be, Barna said he wants to be an active president, involved in the life of the community.

The President is not running the Government, but he is the one who’s giving a sense to the nation. A full time president, attending the entire life of the community, not only in times of crises, is what Romania needs,” Barna replied.

Questioned what he considers Klaus Iohannis has done wrong during his President term, Barna said: “I don’t want to talk about mistakes now. I say what I shall do. We’ll have debates to argue about the history of facts”.

In his turn, PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos has posted a message on Facebook to endorse his alliance partner:

“I endorse Dan Barna for Presidency for he is the voice of a new generation. Dan will not be a president-player or a president-spectator. Dan Barna will be a president-arbiter, a mediator, a president who must gain the Romanian citizens’ confidence that he can mobilize all parts of the society alongside a new project for Romania”.

According to a previous agreement, Dacian Ciolos will be the prime minister if Dan Barna wins the presidential race.

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