USR-PLUS urge President Iohannis to attend the Gov’t sitting to prevent the adoption of GEO on Criminal Codes

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The USR-PLUS Alliance believes that President Klaus Iohannis should attend the Government sitting having on the agenda the emergency ordinances on amending the Criminal Codes, in order to block the adoption.

USR leader Dan Barna has sent a letter to Prime Minister Viorica Dancila whereby he calls on her to give up the adoption of the two ordinances. A similar document was sent to the European partners, reports.

“We are facing again the aggression by ordinances. This threat in Romania, since Ordinance 13 up to now, has taken us to the streets almost continuously, now it surfaces again, we see Tudorel Toader and Mrs. Dancila speak again about ordinances on the Criminal Codes and our position is clear: these ordinances should not be issued. We’ve sent to Mrs. Dancila a letter requesting this. We are sending a similar document to our European partners for information and to request their support for a firm position against the Government’s intent to issue ordinances on the Codes,” Barna said on Thursday during a press conference.

USR-PLUS believe the ordinances sabotage the judiciary.

“There’s an optimistic line that they would give up the ordinances. If they remain on the Government agenda on Friday, we believe a very good idea would be that President Klaus Iohannis attends again the Government sitting and chairs it, in order to block these ordinances, as the ordinances sabotage the judiciary,” Barna said.

The Executive will have the sitting on Friday morning, as of 8.00h, an unusual time for the sitting. However, the agenda does not include any important normative act, the source reads.

CSM prosecutors say emergency for ordinances not justified

The CSM prosecutors say the emergency on the draft GEO to amend the Criminal Codes, without a proper assessment of the impact and without consulting the magistrates, will affect the prosecutor’s offices activity and will have consequences for the citizens, a release on Thursday reads.

The CSM prosecutors’ section urges for the continuation of parliamentary procedures started in 2018 on the amendments of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code to ensure the necessary framework for ‘actual debates to involve the judiciary.’

According to the draft sent by the Justice Ministry to CSM, the inmates serving sentences decided by the 5-judge panels with the Supreme Court (ICCJ) since 2014, may file appeals in annulment, although the deadline of 30 days has been exceeded.

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