USR proposes common candidate of the Opposition to beat Firea in the local elections in Bucharest


USR chairman Dan Barna has told a press conference in Iasi that the Bucharest’s chance „to get rid of what Gabriela Firea is doing to it” is that the Opposition should have a common candidate for the Capital City Hall.

We know very well that on the current legislation in a single ballot for local elections, the only chance, for instance in Bucharest, is for the Opposition to have a common candidate,” Barna said.

He added that USR and PLUS alliance is set to find the best solutions through which „PSD should be deported from Romania’s helm”.

In his turn, PLUS chairman Dacian Ciolos stated that they consider having common candidates for city halls in as many possible cities.

Our intention is to prepare a strategy that should allow us to replace PSD also in as many cities as possible. That obviously depends on the manner we’ll negotiate this alliance and we are also open to PNL, and it will much depend also on the way citizens will mobilize to come to polls,” Ciolos argued.

The former technocrat PM also opined that the result of the elections for EP in May 2019 will be decided in Moldova region.

„If Moldova is mobilizing to turn out to vote that could radically change the result of the ballot. We see the trend in Transylvania or in southern country. Moldova can be decisive if it knows what it wants,” he added.

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