USR re-tables bill on eliminating special pensions for MPs


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The bill repealing the special pensions of senators and deputies was re-tabled in Parliament on Friday by the USR.

Following the scandal prompted by the decision of the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the law eliminating the special pensions of MPs, because the parliamentary procedure was not respected, USR registered the same legislative initiative to resume the procedure.

The resubmitted draft law provides the same as the rejected one, namely amends Law 96/2006 on the Statute of Deputies and Senators by which a new article is introduced.

„From the date of entry into force of this law, the payment of the old-age allowances granted based on the provisions of art. 49 of Law no. 96/2006 on the Statute of Deputies and Senators, republished in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 49 of January 22, 2016, with subsequent amendments and completions ”.

USR argues that the CCR ruling the other day is based on a lie, as it claims the law would have been adopted in 2021 on one single day, but there actually is an eight-day gap between its submission and its adoption.

One day ago, the Constitutional Court ruled that the PSD law by which the special pensions of parliamentarians were eliminated is unconstitutional. With six votes in favor and three against, the constitutional judges decided that the elected should receive their special pensions back.

The decision-making session was tense after Judge Daniel Morar asked for a postponement of the solution, but the other judges did not agree. Morar left the meeting and threatened not to countersign the decision taken by his colleagues.

The judges of the Constitutional Court did not enter into the substance of the law, but declared unconstitutional the procedure by which the draft law on the elimination of special pensions of parliamentarians was adopted.

Thus, the judges found that the law is unconstitutional due to the fact that the draft law was debated and adopted as a matter of urgency by the Parliament, although the procedure was not officially initiated.

PSD announced after the decision of the Constitutional Court that they do not agree with the special pensions for parliamentarians and that they will resubmit the bill in Parliament.

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