USR’s campaign head retorts to the accusations of Clotilde Armand’s husband

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The head of Save Romanian Union’s electoral campaign, Matei Paun, retorted on Friday to the accusations launched by Clotilde Armand’s husband, Sergiu Moroianu.

Matei Paun claims that Moroianu’s attacks are actually targeting the USR’s chairman, Nicusor Dan.

“In my opinion, the attack last week is not targeting me, which in fact is even more serious. When you are in a hurry to gather political capital, it’s easier and more convenient to attack ‘USR’s most hated man’ instead of ‘USR’s most appreciated man,’ meaning Nicusor Dan. I would be glad to be the scapegoat in all this story-but it’s better to go beyond appearances and to see who gets advantage from these attacks and what for? Who has to gain?,” Matei Paun posted on Facebook, more than a week later after Sergiu Moroianu’s attacks.

Paun added that he had learnedly assumed the campaign’s management.

“I was accused of being <the Russians’ man or Soros’ man>. I thinks it’s clear these accusations are destroying each other – it would be a unique performance to be both with Russians and with Soros! I perfectly understand all USR members and candidates, who would break my neck, but I want to ask them to understand that all decisions I have made during the electoral campaign were by putting USR’s interest above all- above my own interest and above the members’ personal interests,” reads Matei Paun’s message.

The Save Romanian Union on Saturday ousted mathematician Sergiu Moroianu, Clotilde Armand’s husband, from the party after he had voiced criticism against the party’s campaign communication team.

USR told a press release that it has decided to expel Sergiu Moroianu, as he has seriously prejudiced the party’s image, which is incompatible with the membership statute.

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