Validation of the mayor-elect of Timisoara Dominic Fritz challenged in court

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After the mayor-elect of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan, another mayor recently elected cannot take over his mandate. The validation of Timisoara mayor-elect, Dominic Fritz has been challenged in court by three persons, so his inauguration, scheduled for Tuesday, has been postponed.

The appeal is registered at Timis Tribunal.

The people who are challenging Dominic Fritz’s mayor seat are a former DJ from Radio Timisoara, Călin Narcis Petrescu, a teacher from the Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine University in Timisoara, Monica Hărmănescu, and the ALDE candidate for Timisora city hall, Adrian Popescu.

The court has not established yet a hearing in this case.

Dominic Frit, running for the mayor seat in Timisoara on behalf of the USR-PLUS Alliance, has won elections by 52.66% votes.

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