Vanghelie changes deposition: signature-raising campaign not for Elena Basescu, but for MEP Mircea Diaconu


District 5 mayor, Marian Vanghelie, currently serving a pre-trial detention in a corruption case, changed his deposition in front of the judges, revealing that he had been actually raising signatures for the electoral campaign of independent MEP Mircea Diaconu, and not for Elena Basescu, as he had previously disclosed.

However, Elena Basescu promptly denied the information back then, while her father, ex-president Traian Basescu also slamming Vanghelie’s statement.

According to one of Vanghelie’s lawyers, Catalin Dancu, Marian Vanghelie called back his initial statement, as confusion has been produced.

Vanghelie was heard on Thursday at the Supreme Court where the appeal of his arrest was being judged.

District 5 mayor and his cousin have been serving a pre-trial jail sentence since March 14 in a corruption file.

Vanghelie is charged with bribery for favoring businessman Marin Dumitru by giving him public working contracts. Abuse of office and money laundering are other charges against him.

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