Verdict on Iohannis’ incompatibility file, deferred for next week

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The Supreme Court deferred the final ruling on President Iohannis’ incompatibility file for January 21. On Wednesday, the court judged the appeal made by Iohannis against the National Integrity Agency’s report, which accused the incumbent head of state he was incompatible during his mayor term, as he was mayor of Sibiu and the representative of the city hall in other two local state institutions at the same time.

Iohannis won over ANI’s report, but the integrity body challenged the ruling to the Supreme Court.

At the Wednesday hearing, Iohannis’ lawyers asked for the Integrity Agency’s action to be ruled out, on the ground that the institution didn’t bring any additional evidence to support its allegations.

While getting out of the courtroom, one of Klaus Iohannis’ lawyers said he could not give any statements on the file, as he didn’t have the President’s mandate to say anything.

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