Verdict on the complaints against pay rises postponed after elections


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The Constitutional Court of Romania on Wednesday decided to postpone a verdict in the two complaints filed by the Gov’t and by the National Liberal Party against the law amending the emergency ordinance no 20 on pay rises in the public sector. The CCR postponed a verdict for December 14, meaning after the general elections, claiming that reports have been filed too late.

“The verdict has been postponed on December 14 to have more time to thoroughly review the files. The reports were filed only yesterday (Tuesday) and the judges haven’t managed to see the reports. Thoroughness is needed to lead to a fair verdict,” the CCR president Valer Dorneanu said on Wednesday.

The two complaints filed by the Ciolos Gov’t and by PNL will be debated on December 14, on the same day when is also scheduled President Iohannis’ appeal against the Social Democrats’ law on cutting 102 taxes.

The emergency ordinance 20/2016 referring to pay rises in the public sector was   passed by the Chamber of Deputies on November 6, with some amendments filed by the special committees, which stipulate pay rises mounting to 15% in the education and healthcare sectors.

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