Viorica Dancila slams President Iohannis: “We have an abusive, dictator president”. PSD is in Opposition as of today


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Former premier Viorica Dancila has convened a press conference at the PSD HQs after the Orban Cabinet had received the Parliament’s investiture vote, announcing that PSD is in Opposition as of today and slamming President Iohannis for overturning her Cabinet.

Today is a black day for democracy, when president Iohannis has managed to impose his lieutenants at Victoria Palace”, the former PM lashed out.

Today this illegitimate operation to seize the legitimate power by President Iohannis has been done. It is an unprecedented situation that brings to light Klaus Iohannis’ cynicism and his mocking the state institutions. We have an anti-democracy president, who is working against Romanians. The only things that the President is obsessively claiming is that PSD must disappear, this is a dangerous and extremist speech“, said Dancila.

She accused the Orban Cabinet and President Iohannis that they want to abandon the pension ad salary rises, to merge hospitals and to amend the salary law in order to decrease the wages of the state employees, and that they intend to rise prices on gas and electricity for the population, by removing the thresholds of the GEO 114.

“Now you come up with these cruel measures, salary cuts and layoffs, but you hide them behind some vague phrases, thinking you will get away with the vote of November 10 and 24. But people see you and will make you pay at the polls,” Dancila said, referring to the upcoming presidential election, where Klaus Iohannis is ranking first in the polls.

PSD is officially in the Opposition starting today and I guarantee we’ll be the toughest opposition to this improvised government, a week government exposed to corruption”, Dancila stated, while announcing that all MPs who “betrayed” and voted for Orban Cabinet had already been ousted from PSD.

Dancila said she will not abandon the fight (in the presidential race). “I will not lay my head down, as the others do. We see today candidates running for Presidency who are sitting up straight at Iohannis’ command and parties who have abandoned their candidates for Klaus Iohannis”, she argued.

“I will continue to fight with this great head of state who is running from a direct standoff with me. Be brave, Mr. Iohannis, (…) and get ready, you have 20 more days at Cotroceni, 20 more days until you find out that Romania is not blind and absent, as you have been in those 5 years of mandate”, Dancila concluded.



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