Viorica Dancila to run for PSD chair position, but not for Presidency


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has announced on Monday she would run for the position of chairman of the Social-Democratic Party.

“I believe I will run. Right now I am focused on organization (of the coming PSD congress – our note),” Dancila said for Marius Tuca Show.

“I will run, I hope there will be other candidates as well,” she added.

The PSD congress is expected on June 29, reports.

Asked about presidential election, she said: “No, I will not run. I believe we should not have this position anymore, that the party chairperson is necessary also the candidate for presidency. I can stand by him, I can organize the party. The candidate should enjoy popularity, This is why I wanted the congress to take place earlier, as all our efforts are to be focused on the candidate,” Dancila added.

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