Vlad Voiculescu has launched candidature for the Bucharest City Hall

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Vlad Voiculescu has launched candidature for the Bucharest City Hall on Friday, endorsed by PLUS and Dacian Ciolos.

“The incumbent administration is driving the wrong way. They give vouchers where serious investments are needed. They offer trips to Greece, Christmas lights or fairs when citizens need quality healthcare services. Essential things have never been further from the Bucharest administration than they are now”, Voiculescu stated.

He mentioned the main issues of the Capital are bureaucracy and road traffic.

“If you are an investor and want to set up a business here, there never been so many barriers as now (…) People spend 9 days every year in the traffic jam on the average, according to latest statistics”, he added.

Voiculescu’s candidature launch comes although USR and PLUS are still negotiating on endorsing a common candidate for the Bucharest City Hall. USR Bucharest has announced it endorsed former chairman Nicusor Dan.

USR-PLUS leaders have also announced they will talk to PNL to designate a common candidate for Bucharest to counter PSD’s already announced candidate, the incumbent mayor Gabriela Firea.

Last evening, USR chairman Dan Barna has said that ‘it will be a mock‘ if the Liberals designate their own candidate for Bucharest, arguing a strong representative of the right-wing parties is needed to beat Gabriela Firea.

Asked on Monday if Liberals could endorse a USR-PLUS candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, PNL spokesperson, Ionel Dancă said that PNL would like its own candidate and that there have been no discussions yet with other parties on the local elections.

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