Vote count for EP elections, close to the finish line. How the distribution of MEP seats looks like?

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Over 50% of the Romanians entitled to vote have went to polls for the European elections. The National Liberal Party (PNL) has won elections, with 27.28%, according to the latest vote count in 96.3% of the polling stations in Romania and in Diaspora.

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) has ranked second with 23.23%, closely flanked by USR-PLUS Alliance 2020, with 22.10%.

However, percentages can be slightly amended, depending on the final results coming from the polling stations abroad.

After counting 98.92% votes from Romania:

1.PNL: 26.80%

2. PSD: 23.17%

3. USR-PLUS: 21.54%

4. ProRomânia: 6.63%

5. PMP: 5.67%

6. UDMR: 5.50%

7. ALDE: 4.22%

After counting 34.4% votes from Diaspora, the ranking looks like that:


2.PNL: 32.38%



Therefore, PNL will take 10 MEP seats, PSD and USR-PLUS 8 each, while Pro Romania, PMP and UDMR, 2 each.

PNL: 10 mandates
Ioan-Rareș Bogdan
Mircea-Gheorghe Hava
Siegfried Vasile Mureșan
Vasile Blaga
Adina-Ioana Valean
Daniel Buda
Dan-Ștefan Motreanu
Gheorghe Falcă
Cristian-Silviu Bușoi
Marian-Jean Marinescu

PSD: 8 mandates
Rovana Plumb
Carmen-Gabriela Avram
Iulian-Claudiu Manda
Cristian-Vasile Terheș
Dan Nica
Maria Grapini
Tudor Ciuhodaru
Adrian-Dragoș Benea

USR-PLUS: 8 mandates

Dacian Julien Cioloș
Cristian Ghinea
Dragoș-Nicolae Pîslaru
Clotilde-Marie-Brigitte Armand
Ioan-Dragoș Tudorache
Nicolae-Bogdănel Ștefănuț
Vlad-Marius Botoș
Ramona-Victoria Strugariu

Former technocrat PM Dacian Cioloș is expected to withdraw and in this case Gheorghe Dan Vlad will take over the 8th mandate.

PMP: 2 mandates
Traian Băsescu
Eugen Tomac

UDMR: 2 mandates
Iuliu Wikler
Lorant-Gyorgy Vincze

Pro România: 2 mandates
Victor Ponta
Corina Crețu

Former SocDem PM Victor Ponta is also expected to withdraw and his seat is to be taken over by another former PSD premier, Mihai Tudose.

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