Vote in the Diaspora, extended to 3 days

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The Chamber of Deputies has voted on Wednesday the draft bill on the Diaspora vote for the presidential election, extending it to three days. The law also provides for the vote in Romania and the Diaspora to be extended until 24.00h, if there are citizens in the polling station.

On Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies adopted with 228 votes ‘for’ and one ‘against’ the draft law for the amendment and completion of normative acts in the electoral field.

MEPs, however, have rejected by 187 votes ‘against’ and 22 votes ‘for’ the amendment by which the exit-polls could only be published after 24:00h on the last day of the vote.

The bill received on Tuesday an adoption report with amendments from the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies

Another amendment is to introduce the vote by correspondence also for the presidential election. The voting process has been simplified by automating the additional lists.

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