Vrancea County Council posts counselors’ names in English… on the website

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Pumpkin Liviu, Crammed Ovidiu, Stephen Buzarnescu, The Mare Ionel – these are the names of some local counselors in Vrancea County, as they were posted on the County Council website. How was it possible? Although the website building costs amounted to about EUR 10,000 the administrators failed to notice that the website has translated everything, including the name of the counselors!

So, PNL counselor Bostan Liviu has become “Pumpkin Liviu”, PSD counselor Buzarnescu Stefan was translated “Stephen Buzarnescu”, Burdusa Ovidiu – “Crammed Ovidiu”, Cel-Mare Ionel – “The Mare Ionel”, Ochean Valentin – “Spyglass Valentin”, and the PSD counselor’s name Balan Doru Geany was translated “Balan Entertainment Geany”, ziare.com reports.

Later, the error was fixed, so that the counselors’ names are no longer… translated.



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