War within PSD: Tutuianu vs. ‘AKM MP’ Catalin Radulescu

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Senator Adrian Ţuţuianu, PSD deputy chairman (photo 1), has said that he will propose at the next meeting of National Standing Bureau the exclusion of Cătălin Rădulescu, aka ‘AKM MP’(photo 2), from the party, and personally will sue him, amid the allegations that Ţuţuianu would have accepted an SRI recording system in the PSD offices.

Cătălin Rădulescu declared that Adrian Ţuţuianu will observe the rigors of the PSD statute after the Executive Committee’s decision on Friday that Social Democrats no longer conduct public attacks against colleagues, adding that Ţuţuianu has accepted a Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) recording system in the PSD offices.

“On Friday there were two or three who said all sorts of miseries in the market. Radulescu simply talks nonsense, and on Monday we will probably have a meeting at the National Standing Bureau and I will personally ask the party chairman to clarify the issue. It is a stupid thing, a stupidity coming from a madman,” Adrian Ţuţuianu said on Saturday.

He added that he would sue PSD deputy Cătălin Rădulescu because the allegations have no support, and he will also ask Liviu Dragnea to publicly inform whether there is a SRI system of supervision at the party headquarters in Kiseleff Street in Bucharest .

Social Democrat MP Catalin Radulescu, also known as “the AKM MP”, was indicted in May 2017 in the case where is charged with not respecting the regime of weapons and ammunition.

The investigation in this file started following Radulescu’s controversial statements in March 2017. He said in an interview to ‘Adevarul’ newspaper that he would not hesitate to use an AKM machine gun that he has had since the 1989 Revolution against protesters in Victoriei Square.

However, during hearings, Radulesco told prosecutors that he didn’t do anything but showing off and that he had a first gun in 1999.

Last year, Radulescu was sentenced on probation for corruption in another case and it was then that prosecutors had seized a third gun from the deputy’s place.




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