When the censure motion will be filed?

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Liberals would have got the pledges of ALDE and Pro Romania to vote the censure motion against Dancila Government. Political sources revealed that the Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban would have told party members today that ALDE had promised to vote the motion, meaning 22 votes. The censure motion will be filed in Parliament in one week, on September 30.

However, Orban would have also told the Liberals that he would personally count for 18-19 votes from ALDE.

At the same time, it seems that Victor Ponta’s Pro Romania would have also signed the censure motion, so 28 signatures were added to the previous 181 ones given by PNL, USR, PMP and UDMR.

Negotiations with the MPs representing the national minorities group in parliament and with other PSD lawmakers are scheduled today, in order to convince them to vote the motion.

The National Liberal Party wants to raise at least 233 signatures for the motion in order to be sure it passes. Orban argued that the motion will pass if ALDE votes in favor.

ALDE chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu said that in his view, ALDE should sign the motion. In his turn, ALDE Vice-President Varujan Vosganian announced he had signed the motion and that all “loyal” members of ALDE are signing it.
So, at this moment, the Opposition has raised 209 signatures: 94 from PNL, 40 from USR, 30 from UDMR, 17 from PMP and 28 from Pro Romania. 233 votes are needed for the motion to pass. 17 votes might come from ALDE and 7 votes from the minorities.

However, only one deputy from the minorities group has signed the motion so far.

A censure motion can be initiated by at least one fourth of the total number of senators and deputies of the Romanian Parliament. The motion is presented in the plenary session of the Parliament in 5 days at the most since it has been filed and it can be debated 3 days after it has been presented.

If the motion is filed on September 30, it might be read in the plenary session in the upcoming 5 days and the plenary session for the vote might be scheduled during October 7-11.

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