When will be Grindeanu Gov’t installed?


Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea on Friday presented the timetable of the Grindeanu Government establishment. The Parliament’s chambers, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies will have plenary sittings on January 3 and the swearing ceremony of the Executive is scheduled on January 4.

The Chambers’ Standing Bureaus are convoked on January 3. There will be plenary sittings on the same day. The Grindeanu Government will submit the list the ministers, the government structure and the ruling programme.

The ministers’ hearings in the special committees are scheduled on January 4 in the morning, as well as the swearing ceremony of the Executive.

Sorin Grindeanu said during the press conference that he has received a SMS on the phone from president Klaus Iohannis announcing his designation as a prime minister.

“I got a SMS from Iohannis this morning, I hadn’t his phone number, I called Mr. Dragnea to check if this is Mr. President’s number. After I got the confirmation, I thanked him,” Grindeanu said.

Asked what the SMS said, Grindeanu answered: “Good luck! Klaus Iohannis”.

The premier-designate Sorin Grindeanu stated that he doesn’t think he will have a mandate shorter than 4 years, while stressing he will have a tight collaboration with the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea.

Grindeanu added that he cannot talk about “personal preferences and friendships” in forming the Government.

Asked what will be relations with President Iohannis, the premier-designate said that institutions are well defined by the law, adding he is “a man open to dialogue, as well as things are clearly defined and they are”.

Asked if he is going to have weekly meetings with President Iohannis, as the incumbent premier, Grindeanu did not reply.


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