Which government was best for Romanians? PSD would still be voted by 41pc of the electorate, survey reveals

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IMAS conducted an exclusive survey for Realitatea TV, showing Romanians’ confidence in politicians, the intention to vote, but also the citizens’ degree of optimism that Romania is heading in the right direction.

36% of Romanians trust the Sorin Grindeanu government, by 6% more than in March, when massive protests were staged in Victoriei Square.

All the governments since 2000 are analyzed, and the data show an exciting evolution of the Romanian political class.

In the first months of the Adrian Năstase government during 2000-2004, the Romanians’ confidence in social-democrats was 40%. The share was, however, fluctuating. The biggest difference was of 10% and was registered in March, about 44% and then in April of about 34%.

In 2005, compared to the Năstase government, the one headed by Călin Popescu Tăriceanu received much more credibility from the electorate. Thus, 65% of Romanians were optimistic at first. In the following 3 months, however, the percentage fell to 42%.

The 2009 global crisis also brought the Romanians’ confidence in the government headed by Emil Boc to collapse. At first, only 21.3% of Romanians believed the country was heading in the right direction. Pessimism increased and in March 2010, only 12.4% believed that Romania was on the right track.

In the case of Victor Ponta cabinet, nearly 57% of Romanians were optimistic in January 2015. In just four months, their confidence fell to about 45%.

The Dacian Cioloş cabinet also enjoyed statistical fluctuations. Thus, the highest confidence was registered in January 2016 of 36.8%, but in March it reached the lowest degree of confidence, 26.4%.

The last government considered, Grindeanu cabinet, was analyzed in the first 4 months of the year. In January, confidence was shared by 36.7% of those interviewed. But in March, a month marked by protests, registered a fall of 6%.

PSD – 41pc, PNL – 25pc

In terms of confidence in politicians last month, President Klaus Iohannis is first and enjoys the sympathy of over 35% of Romanians. A percentage comparable to last year, but far from the 67%, registered in November 2015 after the presidential elections.

In the case of Sorin Grindeanu, the percentages are similar to those of President Iohannis. Thus, approximately 34% of Romanians over 18 years old support the current prime minister.

Former President Traian Basescu started 2016 with a confidence level of 13.5%, and reached 15.5% last month.

Liviu Dragnea had a fluctuating level of confidence – 32% confidence level in January, now the level is 24% of the respondents.

When it comes to voters’ preferences, 41% would vote for PSD and 25% for PNL. The rest of the parties would get less than 10%, realitatea.net informs.

The survey was conducted monthly on a national representative sample of at least 1,000 people aged 18 and over. It was documented by the face-to-face method, during January-April 2001/2005/2010 and through telephone interviews, during January-April 2015/2016/2017.


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