Who are the ministers in the Citu Cabinet?

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PNL, USR-PLUS have set the lists of ministers to be part of the future Cabinet led by Florin Cîțu. UDMR had decided over that since Monday evening.

The leaders of the three parties want the inauguration vote of the Citu Cabinet to be this evening. President Klaus Iohannis designated Florin Citu as PM on Tuesday evening after the second round of consultations with the parties.

Prime-minister: Florin Cîțu (PNL)

The head of the PM’s Chancellery: Victor Giosan (USR PLUS)

Deputy PM: Dan Barna (USR PLUS)

Deputy PM: Kelemen Hunor (UDMR)

PNL ministers

  •  Defence minister: Nicolae Ciucă
  •  Foreign minister: Bogdan Aurescu
  •  Public Finance minister: Alexandru Nazare
  •  Interior minister: Lucian Bode
  •  Education: Sorin Cîmpeanu
  •  Labour minister: Raluca Turcan
  •  Energy minister: Virgil Popescu
  •  Agriculture minister: Adrian Oros
  •  Culture minister: Bogdan Gheorghiu

USR PLUS ministers

  •  Minister of Investments and European projects: Cristian Ghinea
  •  Transports minister: Cătălin Drulă
  •  Health minister: Vlad Voiculescu
  •  Justice minister: Stelian Ion
  •  Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitisation: Ciprian Teleman
  •  Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism: Claudiu Năsui.

UDMR ministers

  •  Minister  of Development and Public Administration: Cseke Attila
  •  Minister of environment, waters and forests: Tánczos Barna
  •  Minister of youth and sports: Novak Eduard.
Cîțu  Cabinet will have 21 members- the PM, 2 deputy PMs and 18 ministers, with only one minister being woman, Raluca Turcan who is replacing Violeta Alexandru as Labour minister.
Asked about the poor representation of women in the future Cabinet, the Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban said that “these were the proposal made by the three parties in the new ruling coalition”.
“These are the proposals advanced by the parties in the coalition (…) We respect these decisions”, Orban said.
Also questioned on the nomination of Sorin Campeanu as Education minister despite controversies that the latter defended ex-PM Victor Ponta in his plagiarized PhD thesis scandal, Orban replied that Campeanu’s career as a whole must be taken into account, and that his academic career recommends him for this position.
“We must analyse his entire career. He is the guarantee of implementing the Educated Romania programme. We trust his capacity to enforce this programme“, Orban commented.
Sorin Campeanu was Education minister before in the fourth Ponta Cabinet and interim PM for 12 days in November 2015 after the Ponta’s resignation following the Colective fire.
Campeanu was founding member of Pro Romania, but resigned and joined PNL early this year, as he was one of the left-wing MPs who voted the censure motion against Viorica Dancila Gov’t, which enabled Liberals to come to power. Campeanu’s name is also related to several scandals regarding false diplomas and plagiarized PhD theses, such as Oprea, Ponta and Baranga cases.

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