Who might replace Tudorel Toader as Justice minister? Parliamentary committee considers emergency procedure for the criminal codes’ amendments

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The Executive Committee of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) is expected to convene in Parliament on Wednesday to tackle the government reshuffle issue. Political sources quoted by Hotnews.ro revealed that the dismissal of Justice minister Tudorel Toader might be on the agenda. The PSD senators would have been ready to vote the simple motion against Toader on Monday, but it has been postponed in the home stretch…for the third time. Sources told mass media the vote is scheduled tomorrow, April 17.

Initially, the CEx meeting should have been taken place after the Easter holiday.

On the rumours stock exchange, JusMin Toader might be replaced by PSD deputy Eugen Nicolicea, or by the former Justice minister Robert Cazanciuc or by senator Serban Nicolae, the same sources said. Another name rumored for this position is Nicusor Halici, the chairman of the Legal committee in the Chamber of Deputies.

The PSD CEx meeting will start at 12:00hr and will approach the situation of the two ministers of the Dancila Cabinet who are running for the European elections: the minister of the European Funds, Rovana Plumb and the minister for Diaspora, Natalia Intotero. PSD chairman had repeatedly said they should resign to dedicate themselves to the electoral campaign for the May 26 elections.

PM, under pressure on Toader’s case?

On the other hand, it is said that PM Dancila herself is under a tremendous pressure to dismiss minister Toader. Sources within the PSD leadership told Digi 24 that during the CEx meeting PM Dancila might be warned she would be stripped of the party’s political endorsement is she refused to replace Toader.
Catalin Radulescu, one of Dragnea’s main men, somehow hinted that it is mandatory for the premier to take a decision in Toader’s case. “I think the PM should urgently have a word with the Justice minister, he must understand that he must adopt these emergency ordinances that anyone expects. If not, we’ll see what to decide when we have the Executive Committee”, Radulescu said.

Asked if Tudorel Toader should remain Justice Minister, Radulescu stressed: “He should not remain in office.”

In his turn, SocDem senator Robert Cazanciuc, rumored to replace Toader, has stated on Tuesday that, after two years of mandate, Tudorel Toader has achieved pretty few goals in the ruling programme. Cazanciuc added that he had not held any talks to replace Toader at the helm of the Justice Ministry.


Iordache committee to decide on the criminal codes amendments

The special committee on justice laws led by Florin Iordache has resumed activity today, and is mostly probably to decide on an emergency procedure for the amendments on the criminal codes, after Liviu Dragnea’s plan to pass an emergency ordinance had failed. PSD sources told Hotnews.ro that the Social Democrats want the codes’ amendments adopted next week.

Justice minister Toader is attending the meeting.

USR opposition party has announced the committee is about to quickly amend the criminal code upon Dragnea’s orders.

Florin Iordache is following Dragnea’s orders on full auto! Deputies in the Legal committee have been called today in the special committee in order to quickly amend the Criminal Code, and the law 78/2000 on preventing and sanctioning the corruption deeds.

PSD wants to impose the following amendments: cutting limitation periods, repealing dereliction of duty, reducing periods for the release on parole. And, last but not the least, it wants to repeal the article based on which Dragnea might be sentenced in the fictitious hiring file! Criminals are making again criminal laws for themselves”, USR posted on Facebook.

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