Who will be Romania’s spokespersons during the Presidency of the EU Council?

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General director within the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Doris Mircea, and the Government spokesperson, Nelu Barbu, have been named spokespersons during the period that Romania is holding the Presidency of the EU Council, the Executive has announced in a press release.

Doris Mircea is a career diplomat with the rank of plenipotentiary minister, coordinator of the Department of Communication, Promotion and Organization within the Unit for the Preparation of Romania’s Presidency of the EU Council. She has worked at the Romania’s Permanent Representation upon EU in Brussels since 2002, as spokesperson for cultural affairs, education, research, public diplomacy and communication strategy. She returned to Romania in 2008 to run the Communication Department of the Foreign Ministry and she became MAE spokesperson in 2010. She has a PhD in sociology (on communication in diplomacy) and has graduated the Master of Arts in International Politics at ULB, Brussels.

Nelu Barbu has been the Romanian Government spokesperson as of February 2018. He has a 15-year experience in mass media and public communication.

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