Will Liviu Dragnea resign from the PSD chairman position?


PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Sunday evening that he would convene an Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday to have a debate in the light of cold reason related to the situation generated by his probation sentence. However he did not reveal if he really intended to resign from the party’ s helm, as President Iohannis himself had asked him to, arguing he cannot hurt PSD or the country.

The resignation I asked for it myself when I found the sentence,” Dragnea told Antena 3 TV.

He argued that he suffered a lot personally, politically and administratively.

As a human being, after all these years of frustrations, of injustice, of course you are tempted to step aside and to get on with your life. On the other hand, there is also a huge responsibility for the organization, which is in the middle of a modernization process and there are elections ahead. If I had informed my colleagues right here, right now that I was resigning, a fight for power would have started that might have lasted for a long time and would have had a devastating effect,” Dragnea stated.

He stressed that his resignation would have prompted “a huge scandal” for taking over the parties’ reigns that would have meant to offer the elections as a gift to the political foes, and Romania wouldn’t have been an oasis of stability anymore.

Yet, Dragnea said that his goal is to run the party to win the elections, as his resignation “would have a bad impact on his colleagues, party and the country.”

Besides, the PSD chairman argued that the Referendum file affected his private life, as he got divorced of his wife, Bombonica, after the first sentence ruled in the file for “she couldn’t hold out anymore after so many years.”

The Social Democrat chairman announced he had convened a meeting if the Executive Committee to make an assessment ‘in the light of cold reason”.

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