Will UDMR vote for a potential Gov’t restructuring in Parliament?

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The leader of the Democratic Union of Magyars in Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor has said on Friday that his party will let “PSD-ALDE coalition prove it has majority” in the Parliament in case there is a vote for the Government restructuring prompted by the replacement of three ministers.

Kelemen Hunor added that, in his view, PSD cannot just elude President Iohannis through restructuring the cabinet and through a vote in Parliament.

His statement comes amid rumours that, in case the head of state denies Eugen Nicolicea as Justice minister, the ruling coalition might go asking for the Parliament’s vote to restructure the Executive, thus forcing the President to accept Nicolicea.

“The premier should decide if she is restructuring the Government or not, if she has arguments, it can be done, it would not be a problem. But to avoid the President through restructuring and through a vote in parliament, cannot be, in my view, and it will not happen anyway, for the President is signing the decrees to appoint the minister individually, and not the entire list of proposed ministers. Let’s presume he is signing 26 of 27 minister and say no for one minister (…) nothing will happen, you go to the Constitutional Court, it is a constitutional conflict and CCR will rule. But this possibility has never been tried in Romania”, Kelemen argued.

Asked what will UDMR do in case there is a government restructuring to be voted in parliament, Kelemen Hunor replied: “UDMR will let the PSD-ALDE coalition to prove it has a majority. We haven’t taken a decision yet, but I think if we voted the Government once, the first Grindeanu Gov’t, after that the Tudose cabinet and Dancila cabinet, I don’t think it’s the case to vote a government for the fourth time, especially that they have majority”.

The Social Democrat Party’s Executive Committee has decided on Wednesday to reshuffle two ministers and to withdraw the political support of the Justice minister Tudorel Toader. The ruling party proposed Eugen Nicolicea to replace Toader, Oana Florea for the European Funds ministry and Liviu Tit Brailoiu for the Diaspora portfolio. The proposals were sent to the Presidency.

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