Zelensky Acknowledges Romania’s Support in Ukraine’s Anti-Aircraft Defense Efforts


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned Romania among the countries he thanked on Sunday night for assisting Ukraine with anti-aircraft defense, especially as winter approaches, and Moscow is expected to intensify its attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

“We are almost halfway through November, and we must be prepared for the possibility that the enemy will increase the number of drone or missile strikes on our infrastructure. Russia is preparing for winter. In Ukraine, all our attention should focus on defense, responding to terrorists, and everything Ukraine can do to help our people get through this winter more easily and increase the capabilities of our soldiers,” Zelensky told Ukrainians in his daily address to the nation.

In this context, he thanked the countries that have helped Ukraine with air defense, listing several states, including Romania: “The United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Romania, Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, the Baltic States, and other countries.”

Zelensky said that these countries contributed with Patriot systems, NASAMS, IRIS-T, RAVEN, Hawk, and other missile systems that assist in anti-aircraft defense.

“We cannot speak openly about all of them now, but Ukraine’s air defense is already stronger than last year. It has different capabilities, but unfortunately, it does not yet fully protect the entire territory. But we are working to make it even stronger,” said Volodymyr Zelensky.

He stated that every country helping Ukraine strengthen its air defense “helps protect lives” and urged Ukrainians, all those “whose voices are heard in the world,” journalists, and all those who support Ukraine globally to contribute to the strengthening of defense.

“Help! We are capable of passing the most difficult tests. But only when we are together, in unity, when we take care of each other, and when millions of people help their defenders and their country. It is imperative to be united and grateful,” pleaded Zelensky, amid increasing discussions about Western “fatigue” regarding aid to Ukraine.”

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