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Portugal wins Eurovision 2017, Romania ranks 7th. Social media criticism over Romanian act’s ‘awkward kiss’

Eurovision 2017 has been won by Salvador Sobral from Portugal with mellow ballad „Amar Pelos Dois”. Bulgaria came second with 615 points and Republic of Moldova third with 374 points.

“We are living in a world where music is like in the fast food. I won because I sing a different kind of music. Let’s bring quality music back!,” said the winner, Portuguese Salvador Sobral. The Portuguese artist’s landslide victory comes amid his serious heart problems. Sobral’s sister Luisa, who wrote the winning song Amar Pelos Dois (Love For Both), had to stand in for him in rehearsals. Luisa joined Sobral on stage to reprise the Eurovision winning song as a duet.

Romania, represented by Ilinca and Alex Florea ranked 7th, with 282 points, obtaining a high score from the audience.

Romania’s performance of ”Yodel It!” song was accompanied by a multicolored animation graphics and two glittering cannons. During the show Alex Florea got up on one of the two cannons.anBnJnc9NTkwJmhhc2g9MTY2Njk3ZDNiNWVkY2I1YmE0MTQ3ODZkYTE2ZjI1NjU=.thumb

After the juries’ vote, Romania ranked 15th, but the audience gave it 224 points and got it to the 7th position.

Republic of Moldova, represented by Sunstroke Project, with ”Hey Mamma” and its delicious dance and saxophone moments, ranked third, with 374 points, which is the best result the country has ever obtained. The jury from Romania hasn’t given the maximum points to Moldova, but 8. The audience offered 254 points to Moldova.aD1mZjg1MjVkZTJkMjJmYTk2NWYzNWViMTE3MTFkYjUwOA==.thumb

Instead, Republic of Moldova gave Romania the maximum number of points (12).

The 2017 edition of Eurovision hasn’t lacked incidents, like the one during the show performed by the winner of last year, when a man got up on stage and gave his pants off.

Another incident that gloomed the Eurovision edition in Kiev was that the Ukrainian President, who should attend the closing gala, called off his participation after finding out that four civilians have been killed by a shell in eastern Ukraine on Saturday.

The awkward kiss

Romanian team was also target of criticism, many viewers slamming on social media the spectacularly awkward kiss that occurred right on stage between the Romanian act, after Alex tried to awkwardly kiss Ilinca after the performance.

The moment showed 18-year-old Ilinca looking visibly uncomfortable wneh co-star Alex Florea grabbed her for a not-so-subtle kiss at the end of their Yodel it! song.

118Most uncomfortable and creepy post song kiss goes to the dude from Romania“, says one fan on Twitter.

And one user said: “A creepy, viagra fuelled rage kiss to finish – perfect.”

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