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Presidency to launch “Educated Romania” project into public debate

President Klaus Iohannis is launching the results of the “Educated Romania” project into public debate at the Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday, December 5, a project initiated by Iohannis at the beginning of his mandate as head of state, the Presidential Administration announced on Monday.

“Educated Romania” represents the widest and the longest-lasting public consultation conducted on the education public policies so far. “The debate has been attended by over 10,000 people and over 60 public institutions, NGOs and representatives of the education sector have contributed to drafting the documents launched on this occasion,” reads the Presidency’s press release.

At the same time, the project’s website will be also launched during the event due on Wednesday, where results will be available for consultation and where everybody is invited to send opinions and suggestions.

Official sources with the Presidential Administration told mass media that President Iohannis will start a new series of talks with the political parties related to this education project early next year.

The “Educated Romania” project encompasses seven technical reports targeting the following fields: the educational management, the teaching career, access equity (reducing school drop-out and functional illiteracy), functional and technical education, higher education, early education (nurseries and kindergartens) and student and pupil assessment.

As the Presidency informs, it is a national project initiated by President Iohannis with the aim of redefining society on values, on developing a culture of success based on performance, work, talent, honesty and integrity.

President Iohannis used to say at the opening ceremony of the school year in 2016 that education is the way to success.

It seems that school is not the most important value for success, it seems that competence and appreciation are not always leading to prosperity, The message I want to deliver today is that education is the way to success and it must be the way to success in our Romania, not corruption, nepotism, trickery, but education, work, determination and honesty (…) We all have this responsibility to turn this idea into reality. As President, this is what I proposed for Romania- a society based on values. Educated Romania is about values and vision that will also prompt solutions,” Klaus Iohannis stated two years ago.

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