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President Iohannis attends opening of the Math Olympiad in Cluj-Napoca, hopes Romania becomes a destination for sciences research in the future

While attending the opening of the International Mathematics Olympiad in Cluj-Napoca on Sunday, President Iohannis said the students competing now are part of the intellectual elites of their countries and of the world.

Mathematics is underlying all sciences, innovation and development of analytical thinking. You will be part of the intellectual elites of your countries and of the world (…) I think mathematics and science and technology subjects are essential in the curriculum construction during early education if we want to have true societies of knowledge,” the head of state stated, adding that, unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to access quality education.

“It’s important to actively work in order to improve the quality of teaching Mathematics for as many children as possible across the world. By giving them the chance to learn, we can transform lives, economies and societies. The more effective and more adequate education systems we have for the new generations and societies which we want to live in, the more we contribute to peace and world development,” President Iohannis stated.

In the President’s view, it’s an honor for Romania to have the opportunity to prove to the entire world the commitment and openness towards knowledge, science and international cooperation at the anniversary of Romania’s Centennial, voicing his hope our country will become a destination for sciences research in the future.

The best way to celebrate the great successes of the past is to build a solid future for the younger generations. There is no more suitable way to achieve it than to invest in education and sustainable development. We hope that Romania becomes an attractive destination for the research in the area of Mathematics and sciences, and why not, we hope to meet some of you as students in Romania or involved in research-cooperation projects with Romanian partners,” Klaus Iohannis said.

He voiced hope that every candidate competing these days in this math contest in Romania will use his full potential to contribute to enhancing a better future for their and future generation.

I wish you good luck in this international mathematics Olympiad and I hope you have a nice stay Romania, here in Cluj-Napoca,” the Romanian head of state concluded.

Over 600 pupils from 114 countries race in the Olympiad in Cluj-Napoca. Among them, there is also Hafez al-Assad, the son of Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad. Hafez is the Syrian President’s eldest son and he is member of the Olympic math team of Syria.

The math Olympiad in Cluj-Napoca will be also attended by over 260 leaders and observers, 900 foreign guests, while more than 300 volunteers will get involved in organizing the contest.

The International Mathematics Olympiad has been initiated in Brasov in 1959 and it has become the most prestigious science competition in time.

However, due to the presence of the Syrian President’s son in Cluj-Napoca, the Olympiad will also enjoy enhanced safety measures. The head of the Cluj Emergency Situations Inspectorate, Hafez al-Assad will attend the competition’s events and activities just like the other kids.

80 gendarmes, 60 police officers and six emergency situations units are providing the public security surveillance.

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