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President Iohannis challenges CSM law to the Constitutional Court

President Klaus Iohannis has notified the Constitutional Court over the law on the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) on Friday, one of the three justice laws that the Parliament has adopted lately.

Law 317  is the second justice law that the head of state is challenging over constitutional exceptions, after the judicial organization law.

The Presidency notes that there some provisions of the CSM law that are still breaking the constitutional provisions. The Presidency points out that judges and prosecutors of the CSM sections get new attributions which are breaking the Constitution.

Overall, the President has recently argued that the three justice laws are not compliant with the Constitution and with the European standards.

We cannot passively witness the Constitution  re-draft on the fly. The Parliament has adopte dall three laws in one week, and then, four months were needed and three Constitutional Court rulings to correct some provisions. All this proves that the result of the debates in Parliament would have been successful if the texts had been better substantiated and had been widely debated,” Iohannis said lately.

In its current form, the package of justice laws is obviously not fitting the requirements of democracy and rule of law, nor the Romania’s expectations, who want an independent justice, based on law,” the President added.

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