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President Iohannis: Gov’t is playing ping-pong with Pensions Pillar II, it’s the limit of a toxic dilettante governance

President Klaus Iohannis urged the Government to come round, following the draft bill on suspending for six months the contributions to Pensions Pillar II, arguing that this is an approach at the limit of dilettante toxic governance. Iohannis said the Government is playing ping-pong with citizens’ money and the Executive has no right to do so, digi24.ro informs.

“I believe you remember, after the investiture of a PSD cabinet, probably of Mihai Tudose cabinet, during the hearings in Parliament, somebody said the Pensions Pillar II will be dissolved. Since then, we see ping-pong is played with statements. It is to be dissolved, it’s not going to be dissolved, it will be nationalised. This is very concerning. Such approach is at the limit of very toxic dilettante governance and I call on the governance to come round, to clarify once and for all the intention regarding Pensions Pillar II,” the President said Monday evening.

The head of state stressed this is private money, money belonging to the citizens which contribute to Pension Pillar II and a clarification is imperative.

“It’s not about state money or public money. It is private money, citizens’ money which contribute to Pensions Pillar II and it is not something to play with. On the other hand, it’s a matter that needs planning and clarification over long term. Nobody pays the contribution to get the money the next day and the highest risk is that people lose confidence in state’s capability to manage the pensions system. People are starting to ask questions. (…) A firm clarification is needed, meaning that PSD will not touch this money and then things can be built further,” the President said.

Chairman of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea said on Monday that there is no decision taken yet by the Government or the ruling coalition on abolishing the Pension II Pillar. Yet, Dragnea says that a suspension of the private managed mandatory funds might be possible if the ongoing analysis proves the need for such a suspension.

According to the 2018 legislative programme of the Government revealed on Sunday in the mass media, a top legislative priority of the Dancila Cabinet is ”a draft law on regulating the private managed mandatory funds (the so called Pension II Pillar)”, with the note that its contributions will be suspended during July 1-December 31.

No comment on Orban’s criminal complaint against PM Dancila

President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday he does not want to comment in any way on the criminal complaint filed by PNL leader Ludovic Orban against Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, as he does not want to leave the impression that he has any influence on the investigation in this case.

“I have analyzed the matter and reached a conclusion I can now talk about, a conclusion that I believe remains valid for at least a few days or weeks. I have decided not to comment in any way, neither the notification submitted by Mr. Orban nor the interpretations, a certain political party has made a lot of… almost hysteria – or the actual steps. Under no circumstances I want the leave the impression that, through my statements, I could or I would like to influence the investigation. So, simply and clear: I do not comment,” Klaus Iohannis said.



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