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President Iohannis meets foreign ambassadors in Bucharest, talks about rule of law, justice, protests and ….impeachment

President Iohannis meets foreign ambassadors in Bucharest, talks about rule of law, justice, protests and ….impeachment

President Klaus Iohannis has told foreign ambassadors and consuls accredited in Bucharest during the annual meeting held at Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday that Romania has a mature society, which proved it is capable of fighting for its values, yet adding that this society needs a state to live up to it.

2018 is truly the most suitable moment to deeply reflect and to wisely act for the present and the future of the Romanian nation and society. It’s time to assume our legitimate country project, meaning our development pattern and the domestic and foreign paths to follow to achieve it.”

“Only this kind of project will be able to adequately respond the risks Romania is facing, both internally and externally, coming from our complicated neighbourhood. To ensure our present and future, we must respond these risks, through a performing state, a strong and resilient Romania, namely a state where the free democracy and the rule of law are completely enhanced by an independent and efficient judiciary, a state which is acting in the service of all its citizens, capable to providing them with prosperity and safety. We have a mature society which has already proved it’s capable of admirably fighting for the values it believes in. But this mature and active society needs a state that must be live up to it,” the Romanian president stated.

Klaus Iohannis added that Romania must continue to be a pillar of stability and predictability, while enforcing the rule of law.

“I was saying during our meeting last year that from the political view Romania must maintain itself as a pillar of stability and predictability, while keeping enforcing the rule of law. These words are still valid under the current circumstances,” he pointed out, also noting that Romania will remain on the same essential coordinates on foreign and security policy just like so far.

“This commitment has been achieved and I will maintain it from now on as well. That’s why, to reach the above-mentioned goals the essential triad of the Romanian foreign policy must be further enhanced: boosting and expanding the Strategic Partnership with the U.S., increasing Romania’s role and effort in the EU and NATO.”

Transatlantic relation must be reinforced, Schengen accession, essential

At the same time, Iohannis has firmly pleaded for reinforcing the transatlantic relation.

The president also said that Romania’s accession to Schengen is essential. “Accession to the Schengen area is still on our agenda, for it is essential,” the head of state said.

Iohannis also called on an early preparation of the logistic aspects in the view of Romania’s taking over the EU Council Presidency in 2019.

He argued that Romania, as pro-European nation, without any euro skeptical parties, has the legitimacy to take part in enhancing the EU hard core, next to Germany and France.

‘I am not afraid of impeachment, never been’

As for the risk of being suspended, the Romanian president told the journalists after the annual meeting with foreign ambassadors that he is not and has never been afraid of impeachment. “There is no ground for impeachment. Slowly, but surely, this issue must be removed from the public debate,” he said.

About protests

The Romanian head of state also talked about the recent protests, saying he has closely watched them, while voicing his admiration for protesters.

These people are admirable. They have come to show Romanian politicians that they want a stable and prosperous country, an independent judiciary system, a decent and efficient ruling,” Iohannis stated.

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