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President Iohannis meets rectors: “Romanian education is at crossroads”

Attending several events held by the Bucharest Polytechnic University on Thursday on the occasion of its 200th anniversary, President Klaus Iohannis has stated that the Romanian education is at crossroads and that, in order to overcome it, it’s essential to eliminate the red tape in the system, to have qualified staff and to adjust the school curriculum.

“I am sure you want coherence and vision in the upcoming period. The Romanian education is at crossroads . Universities are more and more exposed to globalisation and are thus compelled to become more and more competitive. It’s essential to remove the red tape, to have a qualified staff and to adjust the school curriculum,” Iohannis told rectors.

He also warned over the decrease in the number of students, amid the demographic decline.

“Adjusting means policies of environment adaptation. Amid the demographic decline, the number of students has dropped, and it is more concerning the more the share of graduates is ranking us the last in the EU. The need for experts in Romania is not currently covered and a clear insertion is needed on the labour market. The relation between society, economy and universities needs to be assessed based on a medium and long term study,” the head of state underlined.

Iohannis also tackled the topic of research, saying it is “a guarantor of competitiveness in Romania”.

Research is more and more achieved due to the consortia and to the international collaboration. Proper financing and competitive framework would be helpful. These are not by far uncommon demands, on the contrary ,they are necessary so that education in Romania should be aligned to the European systems. Any reform of the teachers’ activity will have to involve universities as well,” the Romanian President argued.

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