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President Iohannis, new attack against ruling coalition on justice laws, asks Parliament to go over them: „Poor quality, very concerning result”

President Klaus Iohannis has slammed again the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition on the justice laws topic on Thursday in a press conference held at Cotroceni Palace.

The head of state said the topic of the conference is related to the justice laws, „which have become the most argued public issue since PSD has come to power, which says everything about the priorities of this party”.

We are in a delicate situation because of the way the Coalition has understood to legislate in a way lacking all transparency. They legislated as they wished. The quality is poor, while the result is very concerning,” the head of state argued.

He continued that the Venice Commission’s stance on these laws proves that the amendments are affecting the judiciary.

We’ve managed so far to keep the justice laws away from the most harmful amendments. The adopted laws have been subject to the constitutional control. CCR has found various inconsistencies in four various occasions. The Venice Commission has also pronounced over these laws, which shows without any doubt that the amendments are affecting the independence of the judiciary system,” Iohannis pointed out.

He added that the Commission itself stated that ensemble of the amendments affect the independence of the prosecutors and judges.

This must not happen in Romania. The justice laws must be urgently revised in Parliament. Romania is a fully-fledged member of the EU , but this statute also requires duties, including that justice will function. It’s impossible to build a justice system that contradicts the European values. Overlooking the Venice Commission’s conclusions would be equivalent to a de facto removal from the European norms,” the Romanian President warned.

He said he has repeatedly asked for the re-examination of these laws and sent notifications to the Constitutional Court.

As for the law 304 on judicial organization, I have run short of all constitutional ways and I am compelled to promulgate it. This doesn’t mean the track of this law is over. I expressly ask the Parliament to correct these laws as soon as the parliamentary session is resumed,” the head of state said, while announcing that he will notify CCR over the law 303, firmly calling on the Constitutional Court to take account of the Venice Commission’s opinions.

I want to warn the MPs from the majority that their loyalty must be to the voters, to the Romanians who want to stay in the EU. We must not become a negative example, making laws so that certain political leaders should get away from criminal records. Lawmakers have been elected for Romania, for the Romanians, not to help a leader get rid of prison. The standard on legislating must be the respect for the rules of law,” the President concluded.

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