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President Iohannis – No decision on reshuffling, says PSD led by Dragnea is unable to form competent Gov’t. This circus should stop

President Klaus Iohannis has said on Wednesday he has not completed the analysis on the appointment of the new ministers proposed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila . However, the head of state says that by looking at the social-democrats’ proposals and their behavior he has reached a conclusion: “The PSD led by Dragnea is not capable of generating an efficient government.”

“We have a third government which is not better than the others. We have very, very poor PSD governance. We replace poorly prepared people with other poorly prepared people. They’ve reached a kind of circus. I do not agree to continue this circus. The first conclusion is that these reshuffles are made only for facade. This should not be done and I do not agree on this circus to continue,” President Iohannis said on Wednesday.

The head of state has added “the solution is with PSD, to come up with performing characters.”

Referring to the standstill created as the resignations of ministers became effective after 15 days, the president replied: “The solution is with PSD, they only have to come up with performing persons.”

Klaus Iohannis said: “I have not completed the analysis.”

Klaus Iohannis also said that the current governance is “very, very, very bad”.

Educated Romania is not my election programme

President Klaus Iohannis said that the “Educated Romania” project is not his electoral programme and that he will start consultations and discussions with political parties and with the Government about the future of the Romanian education system.

“Today we are launching a full package for debate, a package that also contains a vision, strategy and directions of action on seven themes that we have prioritized for education in Romania, considering the 2030 horizon. So we are not talking about a quick change next year. We want a system that works in perspective, a stable, sustainable, performing system. Three months of public debate are in sight, consultations, discussions – with parties, politicians, parliamentary committees and the Government, former ministers, stakeholders, trade unions, school representatives, pupils, students and teachers and finally we would know what we want to do with Romania. Please remain connected, stay involved because it is our Romania of tomorrow!” President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday, on the occasion of launching the ‘Educated Romania’ programme.


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