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President Iohannis on Brexit: The situation of the Romanians living in UK is well settled down

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has stated in Brussels on Thursday that the first stage of the agreement on Brexit is satisfying for Romania, adding that the situation of the Romanians living in the UK is well settled down.

I think an agreement will be reached (…) the document is satisfying for us, because, for instance, the issue of the Romanian citizens in the UK is well settled down, of course, it’s the same for the other EU citizens there. The extremely thorny money issue has practically been negotiated, there are further details to negotiate, but we are much closer to clinch a gentleman’s agreement or an agreement in principle, which gives us hopes that we’ll have a clear agreement by the end of 2018,” Iohannis said before attending the European Council summit.

The Romanian head of state explained there will be talks on other issues as well, such as the defence collaboration, migration, education, while adding there will be a first on Friday- an Eurosummit attended by the states which are not members of the Euro zone. Iohannis said there is a proposal made by the European Commission to support the non-Euro states which want to join the Euro zone.

President Klaus Iohannis is attending the European Council meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, according to a press release from the Presidential Administration.

According to the quoted source, the agenda includes topics related to defence and security, the social dimension of the European Union, education and culture, respectively the EU migration policy. At the same time, talks will be held on Britain’s leaving the EU.

On the sidelines of the European Council, the head of state will attend the Euro+ Summit, which will also include the EU Member States not in the eurozone.

As regards the area of security and defence, the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) format will be launched at the meeting.

The Romanian head of the state will support the deepening and expanding of EU-NATO cooperation, both by implementing the Warsaw Declaration and by adopting new measures in the field of military mobility and counter-terrorism, the release reads.

According to the communiqué, the EU leaders’ discussions on migration policy will focus on presenting the current state of this phenomenon, on the need to implement a financial instrument dedicated to halting illegal migration and on identifying a solution to reform the Dublin system.

The Euro summit in extended format will offer the European leaders the opportunity for talks on the process of strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union.

The EU-27 European Council meeting to be held on Friday will assess the progress made in the Brexit negotiations to determine whether they are sufficient in the three specific areas: citizens’ rights, the border with Ireland and the financial statement.

The heads of state and government of the Member States will decide whether to move to the second phase of negotiations, the one on the future EU-UK relations.

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