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President Iohannis on Dragnea’s new file: Convicted or prosecuted persons should not have top state positions. Stances on the CVM and economic growth

President Klaus Iohannis has stated in Sweden on Friday that convicted or criminally prosecuted persons should not be at the top of the state.

I have voiced my stance long time ago. From the start, persons who have been convicted or criminally prosecuted should not be at the top of the state, period,” the head of state said in Gothenburg, Sweden, when asked to comment that the Chamber of Deputies speaker, Liviu Dragnea, is investigated in a new corruption file.

DNA announced on Monday that ruling Social Party chairman Liviu Dragnea is criminally prosecuted in a third case, being charged with abuse of office, embezzlement of EU funds and setting up an organized criminal group while he was head of the Teleorman County Council. More precisely, he is accused of favoring his alleged company TelDrum in assigning some contracts.

Iohannis on JusMin statements about CVM: His optimism is not appropriate

Commenting the statements made by Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader on the CVM lifting in 2018, President Iohannis said that the optimism displayed by Toader is least inappropriate, adding he doesn’t agree with the Justice minister.

“I don’t believe that (e.n-that CVM will be lifted next year). This optimism is at least inappropriate,” Iohannis replied.

After the new EC report on Romania’s progress under the CVM was released this week, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader claimed the report was positive and that the conclusion drawn by the EC report on Romania in the context of CVM is that Romania can meet the objective set by the European Commission, i.e. to lift the monitoring in 2018.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea also took stand on this issue, stating before the PSD National Executive committee in Baile Herculane that there will be always concerns related to the CVM, and that this mechanism will not be lifted “in this contemporary period”.

There are always concerns, something new comes up. I don’t think this CVM will be ever lifted, or, well, during this contemporary period,” said Dragnea, while ironically adding that concerns about the GEO 13 would come up after ten years as well.

President: A growth mainly based on consumption is not sustainable, investments must prevail

After PM Mihai Tudose stated that “the consumption trend should not be seen as an issue and it rather shows up-to-dateness in Romania’s case”, President Iohannis fired back, arguing that an economic growth mainly based on consumption is not sustainable and that investments should be encouraged instead.

“I maintain my opinion that a growth based on consumption is not sustainable. It doesn’t mean we have to cut down consumption, but we must encourage the investors and to also develop the other sides of consumption as well. We can see that here the government hasn’t done its job. The Government has invested very few money in public works this year,” the head of state argued.

Iohannis before the Social Summit: We want European nondiscriminating policies. Erasmus must be encouraged

President Iohannis is attending the Social Summit for Fairs Jobs and Growth in Gothenburg on Friday, where he will talk about the importance of the education in achieving the demands on the labour market.

Before the summit, he held a press conference, stating that he wants the European policies on jobs not to discriminate “certain parts of the continent”, underlining that “Erasmus” programme for students must be encouraged.

“We want a fair approach, we don’t want European polices that should discriminate certain parts of the continent. We plead for an education adapted to the needs of the economy,” Iohannis said before the Summit.

The Romanian President stressed that European educational programmes such as “Erasmus”, allowing youngsters to study abroad, must be encouraged.

“I think Romania is a country where <culture> is written in capital letter and we’ll support the activities of the Romanians acting in the cultural field,” he said.

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