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President Iohannis, PM Dancila pay homage on Holocaust Victims Remembrance Day

Democracy, freedom, peace, diversity and respect for human rights are the fundamental values ​​of the European construction that we must defend with all energy, President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday in a message delivered on the occasion of the National Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“In less than three months, we will take over the presidency of the European Union Council, a mandate that will also include the strengthening of European values ​​and counteracting anti-Semitism, racism and intolerance. We are aware of the urgency and importance of the times we live in, during which chauvinism, extremism and iliberalism represent dangerous threats that endanger security and peace in Europe and can only be combated by promoting solidarity and cohesion between the Member States. Democracy, freedom, peace, diversity and respect for human rights are fundamental values of the European construction that we have to defend with all the energy. History has demonstrated to us, the Europeans, that the deviations from these solid foundations generate hatred, violence and death,” the head of state says in the message.

He recalls that the Holocaust is the most tragic page in the history of humanity.

Klaus Iohannis mentions that the recovery of Holocaust memory and the fight against anti-Semitism have been “priority objectives for Romania in the last decade and a half, and the results are significant.”

The head of state shows that 2018 is the year in which Romania marks the Centenary of the Great Union, “a good opportunity to evaluate very carefully the history of the last century with good and bad.”

PM Viorica Dăncilă: Legacy left by Holocaust survivors must be passed on to each generation

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă has attended the wreath laying ceremony on Tuesday at the Holocaust Memorial Monument. She has said that the legacy left by Holocaust survivors must be passed on to every generation.

“The Romanian legislation has very clear provisions condemning Holocaust denial and incitement to anti-Semitism. In June 2018, the Romanian Parliament adopted a special law on combating anti-Semitism. Thus, anti-Semitism was defined in the terms used by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. The adoption of this law is our commitment to the fight against anti-Semitism and any manifestations of racism, xenophobia, racial discrimination and intolerance. In the same line, the Government of Romania supports the strengthening of the effort to include in the educational programs the issue of the genocide of the Roma during the World War II and to ensure decent social conditions for the last Roma survivors of the deportations in Transdnestria. I would also like to recall the full involvement of the Romanian Government in the project of a Holocaust Museum. As Prime Minister of Romania, I will continue to support any activity meant to promote cohabitation in a climate of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as Romania’s participation, as a democratic state, in the joint action to combat anti-Semitism and xenophobia,” Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă said on Tuesday.

According to the Premier, it is our duty to make sure that the tragedies are not forgotten.

Six million Jews and about 500,000 Roma ethnics died in Nazi camps during the World War II. In 1940, the Government of Romania legislated that Jews should be transformed into second-class citizens and they had restrictions on practicing certain professions and exercising property rights.

A year later, after our country entered the war along with Germany, thousands of Jews were deported. Their persecution officially ended in Romania in 1942.

Photo 1: Ceremony at Cotroceni Palace, with President Iohannis decorating Holocaust survivors (presidency.ro)

Photo 2: Prime Minister Viorica Dancila paid homage to the Holocaust victims (gov.ro)

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