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President Iohannis promulgates bill on CSM, says does not support the amendments

President Klaus Iohannis has promulgated on Thursday another act of the laws of justice, the amendments to Law 317/2004 regarding the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM).

The head of state has expressed doubts regarding the consequences of the bill on the judicial system, and believes it is a regress for democracy in Romania, ziare.com reports.

A Presidency release reads that “the President of Romania does not support the amendments to this bill, as in the case of amending and completing Law no. 304/2004 on judicial organisation and of the bill amending and completing Law 303/2004 regarding the statute of magistrates. President Klaus Iohannis requests the resuming of the legislative process in Parliament for coordinating the three laws of justice with the recommendations of the Venice Commission, before the amendments lead to irreversible or hard to solve negative consequences, in regard to the good functioning of justice and of the act of justice. Furthermore, the President warns that the opinion expressed by the Venice Commission cannot be used as pretext for future legislative interventions which have no connection with the strengthening of the rule of law, but with legislating certain provisions aiming to solve the criminal problems of some politicians.”



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