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President Iohannis reacts to recent GEO on laws of justice: It is very disquieting

President Klaus Iohannis has reacted on Thursday, in Brussels, to the emergency ordinance on the laws of justice recently adopted by the Government.

“There’s a lot to discuss about. The retirement of magistrates is a matter I’ve pointed to, I requested the Parliament for review. They did not consider it, the Justice Minister comes, without a transparent assessment, to bring amendments to some articles, but he did not solve the problem. He postponed them. They’ve introduced overnight new conditions for the prosecutors. The CSM opinions have been ignored. The legislating process is incorrect,” the head of state said before the European Council meeting in Brussels.

Iohannis added that “people expect transparent legislating process and in accordance with the opinions expressed by the system. PSD-ALDE do not want transparent legislating; they do not want to consult their partners. This is not the path to bring social peace and would not solve the judiciary problems. No law and no emergency ordinance can be enforced retroactively. I know requests have been submitted to the Ombudsman to notify the Constitutional Court. I am still waiting and then I will get into details,” President Iohannis said.

 “This ordinance is very disquieting,” the President concluded before the arrival at the European Council sitting in Brussels.

Romanians’ decreasing confidence in the EU, result of domestic policy conducted by PSD-ALDE

President Iohannis also said that the trend of decreasing confidence in the EU, confirmed by the recent Eurobarometer regarding Romanians, is rather temporary and is the result of the domestic policy conducted by the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition.

“It is more about domestic policies. (…) The confusion generated by the PSD-ALDE coalition, the endless debates on the judiciary, where the coalition has an approach totally contrary to the people’s and European partners’ expectations, have led to reactions from our European partners and the entire unsatisfactory situation has led to this decrease. It is a temporary decrease and, if we legislate in transparency, discuss, have a good governance, for those governed and not against them, then the attitude towards Europe will return to normal levels, of over 50%,” President Iohannis said on Thursday.

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