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President Iohannis says PM Dancila has no mandate for the visit in Israel, wonders ‘what secret deals Dragnea is making with the Jews’, makes public apology later on

While in Bacau on Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis said that the visit paid by PM Viorica Dancila and PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea to Israel has been made in secret, saying PM Dancila had no mandate for the meetings. As for Liviu Dragnea’s presence there, Iohannis said “who knows what secret deals he is making with the Jews”, Digi24 reports.

The visit that the premier is paying to Israel, and apparently the Chamber of Deputies speaker as well, is quite strange. They have never come for talks, Mrs. Prime Minister left with no mandate out there, so she has just spoken on behalf and for the Government, not for Romania,” Klaus Iohannis said, while also voicing concern about the “secrecy” of the visit.

I have never heard any Romanian premier to go to a visit abroad and to announce it late in the evening, before leaving, without revealing the agenda, without anyone knowing what she is doing out there. For, anyone can go on a tourist visit, anytime, but when the person who leads the Government is the one going, more should be known,” the head of state added.

Iohannis also commented on the Social Democrat chairman’s presence there. “Bigger secret. We found out he left when he had got there. I don’t know the undersides of this approach. Who knows what secret deals Mr. Dragnea is making with the Jews, but I hope he will have the common sense upon return to explain to Romanians what he has done there,” president Iohannis stated.

Later on, President Iohannis has publicly apologized to the Jewish communities after the remark on ‘the secret deals with the Jews‘.

I don’t know what this criticism is based on, but I didn’t use any perojative sense in my statement, and if somebody felt offended, I apologize to them, bu the statement was not a statement, but a rhetorical question (…) The question was by no means aimed at offending the Jewish communities or the Israel state. I asked that question for a person from Romania went to that country, we don’t know why, we don’t know whom he is meeting and we don’t know what deals he is making,” Iohannis pointed out.

The head of state criticized Liviu Dragnea for having commented the situation of the embassy in Israel. “For this reason, the visit of this character hasn’t been publicised, me and other politiciasn wondered what deals he could have made. The rhetorical question was not meant to offend,” he added.

Dragnea: One cannot offend like that

In retort, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said the Preisdent’s statements are “offenses” and contain “a certain dose of anti-Semitism”.

One cannot offend that bad. You accuse several officials that are making some secret deals with other officials from Romania. It’s not acceptable. It’s a certain dose of anti-Semitism. He offended me and Mrs. Dancila (…) He doesn’t care about anything. I don’t need the president’s go-ahead when I receive an invitation to go abroad. I have been well-meaning with him lately not to create conflicts. I don’t know if has taken any mandate to go to the European Council. He talks on behalf of Romania and the Government and the Parliament must enforce. He knew the premier was leaving to Israel. The PM told me she had informed him (Iohannis) that she is going to Israel,” Dragnea told Antena 3 late on Thursday.

The PSD chair added that the President is “very mad and annoyed” by his presence and the the PM’s in Israel.

I don’t want to have any conflicts on this topic. This is not a domestic issue, but a world one. Romania has a chance to paly an important part in this historical moment or it may hide behind the others. We have to see what’s best for Romania, perks and potential risks,” Dragnea said.

Iohannis says transcripts of alleged talk with PM Dancila are wishful thinking

President Klaus Iohannis, while in Bacau on Thursday, also said the alleged transcript of the phone talk between him and PM Viorica Dancila is wishful thinking.

Phone talks took place. I was amused to see the so-called transcripts, they reveal what the social-democrats would have wanted to be discussed, rather than what is was discussed,” Iohannis said.

The talks referred to the President’s proposal to mediate between the Government and the central bank.

Tomorrow (on Friday – our note) I will meet Mrs. Dancila and I hope that soon, after the May 1 vacation, the two parties meet and sort things out,” the head of state added.

On Wednesday, Antena 3 TV presented the alleged discussion between the President and the Prime Minister on the talks with the National Bank of Romania.

“Iohannis: I’ve already announced the meeting, let someone come, at least Eugen Teodorovici (the Finance Minister – our note) or Vice-premier Viorel Stefan.

Dancila: No, nobody will come, except for me.

Iohannis: What am I going to do now?

Dancila: How can I help you? Why didn’t you ask this before? No, if you want we can meet, just the two of us. Anyway, I leave for Israel. I will come alone to Cotroceni (the presidential palace – our note), there is no conflict with BNR. I do not accept another option,” the transcript reads.

President Iohannis announced on Monday he would mediate the Government-BNR relation. He said he would bring to Cotroceni both parties. Nevertheless, on Wednesday he announced talks with BNR Governor at 12.00h, whereas PM Dancila will go to Cotroceni on Friday.

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