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President Klaus Iohannis challenges referendum law to the Constitutional Court

President Klaus Iohannis has notified the Constitutional Court (CCR) on Friday in regard to the referendum law.

A Presidency release informs that, although it had been the subject of constitutional review, upon the notification from opposition MPs, the president believes the law to amend and complete law no. 3/2000, on organising and conducting the referendum, further includes unconstitutional provisions.

The Presidency points to provisions which allegedly violate articles 1, 142, 146, 147, 150, 152 and 156 of the Constitution.

The CCR rejected, on May 3, the notification on the draft bill on amending the referendum law, filed by the opposition.

USR announced on April 4 that, together with PNL and PMP, that it will notify the CCR on the unconstitutionality of law on amending and completing the law no. 3/2000 on organising and conducting the referendum.

Late last year, PNL and USR had notified the CCR on this draft bill, which initially provided that the date of the referendum to review the Constitution is to be decided by the Government. The notification was unanimously upheld and the draft bill was returned to Parliament to be amended in accordance with the CCR decision, then it was sent to the Presidency for promulgation, the President requested review.

On April 4, the review request was denied by the Chamber of Deputies, which adopted the bill and sent it for promulgation.

On April 18, President Klaus Iohannis announced he would not promulgate the referendum law in the form sent to the Presidency, and he would notify the Constitutional Court.

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