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President proposes political, social consensus on research

President proposes political, social consensus on research

President Klaus Iohannis proposes a political and social consensus on research, warning that more money is needed for this field. The president made these statements during an international conference “Micro-to Nano-Photonics IV”- ROMOPTO 2015” held by the Romanian Academy. The Romanian head of state also explained why he avoided making statements lately.

“Some would have liked to have a more agitated summer from the political point of view. Maybe some others are discontent with the lack of so-called breaking news. Yet, for me the promised conduct and the assumed priorities remained the same,” Iohannis said.

“It’s time to have a political and social consensus for a creative Romania. Science and innovation have no political color. I think it’s time authorities should to take off the drawer the strategic documents on research in the view of the budget next year,” the president pointed out.

He argued that, few months after the enactment of the National Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2014-2020, only half of the budget assumed in the strategy has been allotted for 2015.

“The field of Research, Development, Innovation exceeded 100 percent as structural funds absorption. That’s why, a potential solution would be the re-orientation of an important part of the unspent funds from other areas, together with the real prioritization of this field fwhen it comes to public financing,” president Iohannis.

In his turn, Chairman of the Romanian Academy Ionel-Valentin Vlad said in the opening speech to the ROMOPTO Micro/Nano Photonics conference that Romania is playing an important part in basic Photonics research, mentioning to the point the ELI-NP Magurele extreme light infrastructure as part of the National Institute of Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics.

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